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Scale a Shopify Brand to $100k/month

without getting lost in complex tactics, wasting money on expensive yet generic agencies, or losing months to YouTube research

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🥂  Cheers To The Brands That Are Kickin' Butt And Taking Names  🎉

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"We have been working with Shopanova since about 2018, and I can honestly say before that we had no idea what we were doing with our ads. Right off the bat we were seeing up to 8x ROAS, averaging 5.5x in our peak swimsuit season!"
Jessica Rey
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“We just have a million good things we could say about them. We've grown almost 10 times what we when we started...”
Vera & Natalie
Dwell Differently
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"We've just been getting amazing results. We had our first $15,000.00 day a couple days ago, and we're currently scaling. We just couldn't be happier with the support of their team and everything they've had to offer our company so far..."
Ben & Bryant
The Adventure Challenge

Dear Dedicated Founders In The eComm World

If you're building a legitimate DTC brand, selling legit products on Shopify, and you want to grow your sales and enjoy all of the amazing personal freedoms that come with having a successful business...Then you've come to the right spot!

There's a way to grow that's much easier, simpler, MUCH more effective, than what everyone else is doing, and (here’s the best part) it doesn’t break…


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Shout Outs & Giveaways

They're expensive and you don't need 'em

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Daily Posting

You don't need to do this to grow your sales

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Expensive Agencies

Stop giving your profit away to agencies that over promise and under deliver

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Expensive Apps

You don't need 100 expensive Shopify Apps

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Influencers & Affiliates

...Also expensive and unneeded

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Tactical Mastery

You don’t need to become a master at building, running, and scaling ads

3 Things Holding You Back From 6 Figure Months


You're trying to solve strategic problems with tactical efforts

Amateurs think that growing sales is all about "running better ads" or pushing the right buttons and fail to recognize the underlying principles that make marketing successful in the first place.

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You're income is in the hands of a stranger

You've placed your hopes for financial freedom in the hands of run-of-the-mill agencies that don't get your brand, take all the profit, and are more focused on their growth than yours.

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Nobody ever taught you how to run a store

You started with a dream of sharing incredible products with the world, but now you're bogged down with the headaches of being a business owner—and not only that, you're trying to figure it out the hard way...alone.

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Introducing the Shopanova Difference

Implement the exact blueprint used by hundreds of top US based Shopify brands

Implement a tested strategy for eCommerce expansion

We help people just like you implement the exact strategies, processes, tools, and systems we’ve used to scale brands up to 6 figures a month (and beyond). Stop wasting time and money guessing and start executing on growth.

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Seize command of your financial trajectory

Instead of being dependent on a 3rd party for sales, we make sure  founders have control over their income and help them develop a badass interal team of top performers committed to pushing your vision forward.

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Build the skills and self-assurance required to operate a million-dollar brand

Business is hard, but it doesn't have to be. We help our people transform from self-sabotaging doubters to confident owners that walk in authority because the world's a better place when you're thriving.

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Ready To PROFITABLY SCALE Your Shopify Store?

Step 1: Masterclass

Watch our free training video on how top Shopify brands achieve consistent, profitable, and predictable revenue growth

Step 2: Strategy Call

Book a free strategy call with our growth advisory team to develop a scaling plan

Step 3: Deploy

Deploy the exact proven process, tools, and systems we've used to scale dozens of brands to multiple 6 (and even 7) figures per month.