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Whether you're aiming for 100k a month or 100k a day

we've helped other people do it and can help you do the same!

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Who we help

We help dedicated founders in the direct-to-consumer space, who are building legit brands, selling legit products on Shopify who want to grow sales, dominate the market, and enjoy all of the amazing personal freedoms that come with a having successful business—one that works for you, not one that you're a slave to.

How we help

Shopify Consulting: Our consulting programs are designed to help brands grow their earnings to $100K per month using our proven growth system. We aim to increase freedom, profit, and joy while reducing chaos, complexity, and costs for our participants.

Brand Velocity: We offer exclusive, done-for-you collaborations for a select group of brands poised to scale beyond a million dollars a month. Each partnership is tailored on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that those who qualify receive our direct and focused assistance to accelerate their growth.

Why we're different

Application Only: We only work with brands that we believe we can truly help and that share a common set of values. We believe in the power of lifting each other up and protect that at all cost by highly vetting and guarding who allow into our community.

Equitable Pricing: We value your investment with us and commit to charging fees that are fair, not just what the market will bear. Our consulting services are priced transparently, and we build partnerships based on revenue-sharing models rather than hefty agency retainers or percentages of ad spend. This approach ensures that our incentives are perfectly aligned with your success.

Holistic: At Shopanova, we go beyond simply helping you run ads and boost sales. We empower you to build a thriving small business that aligns with your passions and facilitates the lifestyle you want. We provide comprehensive support across all facets of your business and your role as an owner including...Marketing, Sales, Offer, Finance, Team, Balance, Mindset, and Retention. 

We're here to help you succeed not just in business, but in life.

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What We Value

Real Transformation: Growing sales is great, but it’s only truly beneficial if it brings you CLOSER to the life you want. We focus on meaningful growth that enhances your lifestyle, not just your revenue.

Growth Made Simple: We streamline the complex process of scaling your business with clear, effective strategies that cut through the noise. Simplify your path to increased sales with tools and techniques that are easy to implement and measure.

Belief and Action Alignment: Aligning your core beliefs with your actions is crucial for sustained success. We help you ensure that every step you take is in harmony with your business values and personal goals, creating a cohesive and fulfilling business journey.

Full Ownership and Responsibility: Embrace complete ownership of your outcomes. We empower you to take responsibility for every aspect of your business, fostering a proactive mindset that leads to better results and greater control over your success.

Above and Beyond: At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to generosity—both from us to you, and from you to your fellow community members. We aim to consistently deliver more than you expect, providing robust support to every business owner who joins us. In turn, we ask that each member embraces this ethos, actively contributing to the enrichment and success of the entire community. We are stronger together.


Our Tribe

Meet the Dreamers and Doers Behind Our Vision


Robby Switzer


Homer, Alaska


Daniel Stafford


Homer, Alaska


Josh Garvey

Chief Operating Officer

Homer, Alaska


Want to join the crew?

We're on a mission to build the baddest team of eComm growth advisors that the world has ever seen. We're convinced that collaboration amplifies our reach and impact. Our approach focuses on uncovering your unique genius and leveraging it to create unparalleled opportunities for personal advancement, company growth, and profound impact on our clients, both personally and professionally. Think you're a perfect match for our team? Shoot Josh (josh@shopanova.com) an email and tell him why!


Ready to get started?

Check out a video we made that shows you how we help brands in scaling to 100k per month. After that, if it feels like we might be a good fit for each, book a free discovery call with our growth advisory team with no pressure or obligation for anything more than a super valuable conversation about how you can grow your store.

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